Myanmmar Vipassana Centers for Prisoners

There are 3 permanent Vipassana centres for the prisoners in Myanmar.

Dhamma Hita Sukkha Gayha (House of Dhamma for the benefit and bliss) The first prison Dhamma Centre was established in 16 July 2008 in Insein Central Prison, Yangon, and named “ Dhamma Hita Sukha Gayha”( House of Dhamma for the benefit and bliss for all). There have been (15) courses of 10 day vipassana for men and 4 such courses for the women; and (3) courses of 7 day vipassana for the youth.   Total number of students is now 1429 (see table below) 

A separate area is allotted for old Yogi to sit for 1 hour every morning and evening group sitting once or twice a week. 

Dhamma Rakkhita (Guardian of Dhamma)

The second vipassana centre is at Thayawaddi Prison in Bago division. The centre was opened on 15 March 2009 with (420) male students. (see table). The centre name as Dhamma Rakkhita (Guardian of Dhamma). 

Arrangement were made for group sitting once or twice a week. 

Dhamma Vimutti (Liberation by Dhamma)

The third vipassana centre is in Mandalay, was opened on 19 Feb 2010.        Two 10day vipassana courses for men and one such course for women- a total of (207) students attended. (see table)

The total number of students from the three vippasana centres for the prisoners  are (2056) in number.(see table) . 

Arrangement for group sitting for 1 hour once or twice a week are made in all three centres for the prisoners.